Wednesday, 4 February 2009

9/365: Chocolate Tea Pot

I've been SO bored and felt rather useless today. This morning the sun shining through my window had me energized and excitable and wanting to get ready, go to the tea bar/ run errands/ help in the derelict building...
What happened instead: I read. Knowing that my mother was going to the hospital for some Nerve Block injections (to stop her back pain for a little while) and that she had guilt tripped me the night before into staying in to look after the dogs and to be around when she got home from the hospital in case she would have an accident as a result or effect of the stuff they inject in to her. So, here I am, I semi-made (i didn't want to touch the meat to put it on the bread) dad a sammich for his tea (because he will get home from work, get changed and rush out to his Sing Live EM group, and he's full of cold or flu.
Today I've washed pots, done some tidying, and watched the snow melt slowly and the water it drip rapidly from swirly points of ice and off of the snow covered picnic table in the garden. SOoooOOOOoooOO.... here's my picture:

I took other pictures too- I spent ages trying to capture, with my photo, the water dripping off odd shapes of ice and the glittery rainbows that some times dazzled me when the drops of water were caught in the sun light.... but none of them worked perfectly *pout* so here's my over all favourite. it's our front side garden, one of my old swings and part of the embankment. I think it's very pretty XD Pretty enough for me to go out to take pictures of it while wearing clothes that aren't sufficiently warm enough and a pair of leaky, cloth slippers >.<>

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