Friday, 6 February 2009

11/365: Bad to bettererer

Arts on Prescription. Fun + messy + too much coffee= ....emotional somehow. Anyone else get emotional from coffee?

this week, Tuesday I want to go to TAO but I went to my brothers as a favour. Wednesday and Thursday I wanted to go to TAO but I stayed in and looked after my mother. Friday I went to Arts on Prescription and then wanted to go to TAO, instead I went home so my sis could cut my hair, she wasn't there. It was by this time that I was VERY emotional and, after a chat and encouragement with Allanah, I stormed out, went to Notts, hung out with friends at TAO and went between the DIY Poets night and TMH's free gig at SpEasy. I had a fun, odd, busy night =)

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