Tuesday, 10 February 2009

15/365: You told me again you prefer handsome men but for me you would make an exception...

-bar shift from 10:30 till 2pm (though i was 15 minutes late and then ended up doing my shift until 2:40pm
- hung out
- walked custard/ bought a proppa winter scarf and 'laptop gloves' XD

i just realised i called doggy "custard" but her name is (now/for the past few months) been Fanny-Ann.
It really was a lovely walk XD
-hung out mooreeeeee
yum. nice day full of not too many things.

I'm sorry to rush but i have to go to bed and sleep because i got home at half 8pm and tomorrow i have another early shift (YES i think of it as "early". especially when i have to wake at 8am though i'm unemployed and supposedly able to be lazy! grr! why doesn't everyone else know i'm allowed to sleep in!?!??!)

luff my friends on here =)

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  1. thanks fanny for dressing to co-ordinate with my blog.