Saturday, 14 February 2009

19/365: Valentines Cake

Today i went to my fave siblings house and we made a CAKE for her fiance, plus one for our parents. This is the one made for Michael, mums and dad's is a bit more organised (because it was decorated by me alone and things have to be spaces equally, this is decorated by the both of us XD very pretty and creative! Today for me is about love to everyone. My (single) friends are a bt bitter about this holiday because it's so commercial but i wonder if they hate it because theyre single. I'm single and i usually hate the commercial of it but yesh, this year it's just about love in general. For me. =) so i was happy to not hate it. and I had so much fun today!

Booyah to me and kyla and our baking skillz =D and to making friends with strangers =P

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