Saturday, 31 January 2009

5/365: relax and doooo... nothing important

my day involved:
bending cutting wire
browsing etsy
talking to a nnnaughty pal on msn
listening to LOTS of paramore, really loud, to ignore parents and telly.

here's a parent and one of our old, old old jokey things to do when receiving a cappuccino

YESH! put it on your nose and upper lip, then drink and enjoy and relax =]

Friday, 30 January 2009

4/365: Forgetful

Today I:
Overcame sleepiness
Did "stuff" at Arts on Prescription
Helped my friend (and fellow TAO volunteer) make a curtain (sewing, cutting and The Strokes were involved)
Now listening to the drumming class going on behind us whilst listening to drum and bass music on a computer

AND I HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR ANY OF THIS.... because i forgot to take pictures! Though i DO have a camera with me so all is not lost... yet!
(ha, way to make an excuse for ditzy forgetfulness sound dramatic)

(picture still to come)

HERE is my picture =D mine and Sarah's reflection in the window of Morags' studio window (where we made the curtain)

...eeeek, it wont upload... *keeps trying*

YAAAY! 13 minutes to go!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

3/365 : just not fast enough!

So here's my third

It's a (purposefully) blurred picture of some of my heart shaped pendant pieces.
BECAUSE last night and today has involved talk of my jewellery and selling and getting my name 'out there' and me making more money from what i do. Right now I profit, but I'm also being ripped/ripping myself off- say it costs you £3 to get to work, you make £5something an hour, but then they only pay you for one hours work when you've done three hours of work. It's like that *pout* it hurts.

Also, "just not fast enough" because my dad's doing a virus scan and it has slowed the laptop riiiight down and I almost didn't do it in time! *whew* i had various pictures to edit before deciding on my picture for hte day but this is all i had time to edit so I'm sticking to it =P

Also, blurryness was an accident (though i now LOVE it) because I was rushing. Nothing (including the level of success you strive for) ever seems fast enough!

It works, yeah?

;) Lucky me.

If not, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid -tough nuggies!

Good night dear diar... blog!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

2/365: two hussies

*Yawn* So sleepy

Here's what I've decided on for my (unflattering) second pic:

This (human) is me and my baby (huge adult cat)
Please, again, forgive the scary face being that I'm wearing no makeup and had just dried my hair after a shower so my hair is a mess too *sigh* what ever will you do with me!?!

Cheeky Casper, however, always looks beautiful (he does have two front legs but ones folded under). This is us, chillin' out maxx, relaxing all cool.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Day 1 of Project 365

LOOK: so, basically, from a proposal made by Allanah, this is what I'm doing, because I agreed that it sounds like fun =D

Soooo, this is day one and my first picture. I'm not a good at it OR even a photographer, so forgive me.

In this picture; my pajama clad knee (wearing my sisters pajama trousers), a laptop computer (showing a messaging convo between me and best friend Allanah) , crystals (what are actually red) almost forming the shape of a heart (soon it will be a 3D heart!), a reel of nylon string (for jewellery making), two dogs (in the distance) sleeping on a chair (their chair), a kids purple box (containing beads), a red mesh type purse containing shiny silver wire, a pair of green handled jewellery pliars.
THIS is a typical lazy day for me, and that's what today was. Just a day of making jewellery =D