Monday, 2 February 2009

7/365: SNOW, noooo sun and TAO

I bought some summer clothes today! Becuase I "had to have them"- that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. I got them from Dorethy Perkins (they love me and similarly short people and I love them in return) do you like this shirt? Well I bought it an HOUR before they were officially set to take them out the box! MWHAHAHAHHAA because I luffed it on the website. And I bought a couple of these (one in this colour and one in pruple) and this. DON'T HATE ME! I love so much at Perkins right now and now I have a slight summer wardrobe... YES I'm aware it's snowing! SHH! So yeah. I didnt have a hair cut, but i used my Jewellery money for pretty clothes for my ego instead.
ALso, todayyyyy, yum, LOADS of tasty compliments from darling Morag, naughty Elijah, and the Salsa teacher, who I love. Also a compliment from John1, Peter and Jazz (I think her name was).
And I cried at counselling... got emotional >.<
View of the blizzard from the Tea Bar window and three of the Wasted boys' prints! £30 each (shameless plug because I had a nice chat with one of the fellas about the Adam Green gig at Bodega)


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