Sunday, 1 February 2009

6/365: snow AND sunshine day!

Last night my sister asked me if I wanted to go to Meadow Hall Shopping Centre today to help her pic out her "Wedding Day Jewellery" and THE Wedding Day Shoes, and I said.... NO.
I wish I had gone and helped and had fun but I KNOW I would have ended up spending money on something I BM (Before MeadowHall) had no idea that I loved/wanted. As you know Dear Diar...BLOG, that's nnnaughty in my incomeless state!
SO I stayed in, made more jewellery so that I might have the courage to ask the tiny hairdressers/salon up the street if they'd mind selling any on comission, plus selling at TAO and ask Guilders in Hucknall if they'd mind selling any (though they're already selling jewellery made by another lady) *pout*.
ANOTHER thing I did today when my hands became too hurty from wrapping wire was... TAKE SNOW PICTURES. It became todays addiction to go out each time it snowed (because the weather's been so mood swing-y today) to get a good picture to make up for my last weeks lazy camera habits. And because it takes a while to get crystals, pearls, wire and tools off my lap each time it snowed, I'd just go out in the snow in a band t-shirt, parents slippers and think, cotton, holey pajama trousers *brrrr* so that I would have good photo oppurtunities before the snow slowed down/sun could come out again.

SO! Enough of my sulky chit chat, here's a picture!


I was so proud of using macro and getting cool pictures from using such a cool button, but instead I shall post this, which speaks more for itself than the other pics i took in macro.

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