Monday, 9 February 2009

14/365: Generation Pic... again....

-Niece, eldest sis and grand nieces went home, i didn't say bye, i cant, byes aren't apt or appropriate.
-I got dressed in to my legendary leopard vest, purple top and black jeans and darke eye shadow.
-Got a lift to the tram and then tram to the bar. Felt like crying because I knew it would be nearly a year until I saw my precious kid g.nieces again (aren't you sick of the word "niece" right now after reading my entries? but really, i have a billion i think)
-The bar was fine and sarah was there so we did what we had to but kept wandering over to each other for chats and snacks and genius plotting for my business MWHAHHAAH and a chat about our families =D luffly XD
-Then did stuff on Sarah's laptop.
-Then counseling.
-Then home.
-Then bed.


miserable sods! my mum has this obsession with "generation photographs" it was just katie (sarah's only 7 weeks old and i had taken the other generation pic when katie was an even smaller baby) mum made me take it again because none of them smiled a year ago. my mum's an awful person to take a picture of- she blinks, smiles, talks, EVERYTHING! and THEN tells me "ooh, i dont like that one, i dont look right"- well stop figeting then! here she's talking to the baby. marisha and katie look depressed, sarah's crying and collettes barely smiling... so, other than the addiction of another person, theyre still the same as a year ago.

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