Thursday, 5 February 2009

10/365: Reading, Comedy Radio and Soup... AND it's not even the weekend! take THAT normality!

Blogs of Note, who puts them there on my "Dashboard"... because I'm not sure I'll be interest in a blog called "Seaweed and Gardenias". This person obviously doesn't know me. But maybe they DO know me and they know my mother's a gardening nerd!

Today I:
-Played with the dogs in the snow a little... too often. *BRRRR!* (see pic for goosepimplies and melting snow on uncovered arms)
-Uploaded jewellery items- pictures and descriptions to the laptop.
-Fiddled with shiny things.
-Watched/listened to Tim Minchin goodies
-Unpacked £50 worth of shopping >.< grr.

*sigh* I want a hair cut/ couple boxes of dye. Maybe I'll buy said dye and have my sister cut my hair tomorrow.
ALSO! Stefan's birthday on Saturday. Must nip to Argos (booo) tomorrow to pick up his gift.

Andrew Lawrence quote:
I'm an absolute animal in the bedroom department. Essentially, that's why I've been banned from John Lewis- waddling around the shop floor with trousers around my ankles... screaming obscenities, jumping up and down on the bed frames, defecating on the mattresses...
It's a terrible business! I remember one time the shop assistant said to me "Wha... What are you doing!?! Sssstopit! What are you doing? There's none of that- there's no defication in John Lewis!"
I said to him, "Well, the thing is this... the customer is always right."
He said "You're not a customer- you havent bought anything!" I said "of course I havent! Take a look around you, what do you see, hmm? It's all covered in shit!"

Ahem. Sorry. Makes me larf.


  1. don't dye it red. DON'T!
    you said you wouldn't...! you better not!

  2. Why are you not allowed to dye it red?

    I need to dye mine again. And cut it.

  3. Hello Cherry! I found this blog by Googling for Cabaret Sorbet - it gets very few hits! I was there on Feb 20th, I remember you taking the admission.

    I love radio comedy too! I've recorded loads of it. I remember hearing that Andrew Lawrence routine a few days before I read it here! Wasn't it one of the Leicester Comedy Festival programmes on BBC7?

    Hope to see you on the 20th March!