Sunday, 5 July 2009

6/365 : NNNYAWWWW!!!

I like this word and this puppy. The word was said by Jo on holiday with her, my sis and bro, so I adopted this word to replace "AWWW!". It's a word that features too often, said by me, in video clips involving the pups... and THIS is Lily (for now) she's the puppy we're keeping, called a blenheim when they have red and white fur. Her fur will do redder with age. She's the smallest of the lot, the first one to arrive, a funny little face (meant in an endearing way, like the hepburn film).... hmm, maybe that's an idea for a new name... i mean, i dont like the idea of calling her Jo Stockton aftger AH's character, but how about just calling her Audrey? Mum's suggested all sorts of old fashioned names, maybe this will be the winner?

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