Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Day 1 of Project 365

LOOK: http://www.photojojo.com/content/tutorials/project-365-take-a-photo-a-day so, basically, from a proposal made by Allanah, this is what I'm doing, because I agreed that it sounds like fun =D

Soooo, this is day one and my first picture. I'm not a good at it OR even a photographer, so forgive me.

In this picture; my pajama clad knee (wearing my sisters pajama trousers), a laptop computer (showing a messaging convo between me and best friend Allanah) , crystals (what are actually red) almost forming the shape of a heart (soon it will be a 3D heart!), a reel of nylon string (for jewellery making), two dogs (in the distance) sleeping on a chair (their chair), a kids purple box (containing beads), a red mesh type purse containing shiny silver wire, a pair of green handled jewellery pliars.
THIS is a typical lazy day for me, and that's what today was. Just a day of making jewellery =D

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