Friday, 30 January 2009

4/365: Forgetful

Today I:
Overcame sleepiness
Did "stuff" at Arts on Prescription
Helped my friend (and fellow TAO volunteer) make a curtain (sewing, cutting and The Strokes were involved)
Now listening to the drumming class going on behind us whilst listening to drum and bass music on a computer

AND I HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR ANY OF THIS.... because i forgot to take pictures! Though i DO have a camera with me so all is not lost... yet!
(ha, way to make an excuse for ditzy forgetfulness sound dramatic)

(picture still to come)

HERE is my picture =D mine and Sarah's reflection in the window of Morags' studio window (where we made the curtain)

...eeeek, it wont upload... *keeps trying*

YAAAY! 13 minutes to go!


  1. go play on the drums and take a photo on timer :P

  2. aww! that would have been a great picture! maybe when the class come back on monday =D XD genius!